What’s Causing All of this??? WOOOO!!!

By Amauro Austin Sr


IG: @aasnotes

Allow me to reintroduce myself!!! My name is A.. M.. to the A.. U.. R.. O.. and many of my friends call me Double A and this is AA’s Notes a weekly Sports Blog that I’ll be sharing my thoughts on many different topics that I’m passionate about. I came up with this idea about 8 years ago but was hindered by a 7 year bout with writers block (ITS REAL!!!!) that ended earlier this year. Many different entities have asked me to come join their teams during the last 8 years but between time constraints and simply wanting to do things my way, on my terms, I always politely declined. And now we’re here. I’ve been itching to speak my peace and what better way than to do so without censorship on my own platform. Sports & Writing were my first two loves and I plan to spread those loves to all who wanna read about it. It feels good to be back in my element. I hope you all enjoy. — AA

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