Let’s Talk About Recruiting???

By Amauro Austin Sr



Over the rest of this week, we’re gonna post some recruiting lists as a guide for college coaches to see whose still available in the class of 2023. The lists will be done in 3 phases. First we’ll List & Profile the top post-grad/5th year seniors available on the open market here in the 5-County Region.. These 13th graders are more likely able to contribute right away at the college level. Next, we’ll List & Profile the top 20 Available Seniors in the 5 county Region. These are the student-athletes who my “scout’s eyes” would rate as scholarship level athletes at the D1, D2 or Juco levels. Or possibly guys who could benefit from a post-grad year.. Lastly, we’ll list about 20 Small college gems for the class of 23 and profile the ones my Scout’s eyes deem as the top 5. This is my favorite list. I love to see our boys & girls continue to ball at the next level at whatever level that may be. This will be a fun exercise for me but very informative for you..

Disclaimer: I haven’t seen all teams yet and probably won’t get to see all teams. I won’t list or write about a player that I don’t have enough first hand knowledge about so please don’t take it personal…. — AA

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